Ceci n’est pas Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction scene and my recreation

I really enjoyed brainstorming and completing this sketch assignment. I explored a few movie scenes first, narrowing down a few from The Breakfast Club, but I ended up being the most attracted to this scene from Pulp Fiction. Mia Wallace, casually smoking a cigarette and holding a gun while laying on a bed, is powerful and memorable, especially in the context of a movie rampant with drugs and violence.

I recreated the scene, careful to put on some lipstick and angle my head just right, don a choker and a pair of black heels (which you unfortunately can’t see in this cropped version of the pictures), and create a tousled look on the bed. I made eye contact with the camera. Although I was able to actually find a cigarette, I chose not to light it.

I also wanted to make this scene my own.

I got the idea of holding a banana from the graffiti artist Banksy, who actually recreated one of the opening scenes from Pulp Fiction. Instead of guns, he painted bananas, introducing a sense of irony to the whole scene and painting:


Banksy’s Pulp, Old Street | Courtesy of Flickr

Once I examined the picture, I was disappointed to see that I didn’t quite get the angle correct of the camera itself. Besides the angle error, I believe this is the closest I could have gotten to recreating the scene (besides cutting my hair and actually smoking the cigarette).

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