Combophoto: Wishing for More Time

by Anwesha Guha

When I started to brainstorm ideas for combophotos, I wanted to create an image, like those artist Stephen Mcmennamy creates, that are surreal, impossible. However, since my technical skills are limited (I have no experience in editing photos), I wanted to also attach a compelling or striking meaning to it.

I scoured my house for objects, thinking which ones would also have symbolic value. I found the genie lamp in my room, and my mind started to wander to wishes: what do people wish for and why? I continued hunting through my house for inspiration, considering money for wealth, hearts for love. I finally settled on a gold watch, that seemed to go well with the gold at the tip of the genie lamp.

As I started taking pictures of these objects, however, I found that the shape of the gold watch made it difficult to combine with the lamp on Pixlr. After a few futile hours, I settled on retaking the photo with different watches to stick to the ‘wishing for time’ theme. I then doubled the watches to better illustrate the idea of ‘wishing for more time.’

I felt this picture also follows well topically behind my avatar and the ideas of dreaming, looking, and wishing. (I also hope I can recreate it later to look a bit more like one picture than two.)

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  • David says:

    I think this is a successful combophoto — I like the theme of wishing for more time and the visual image that conveys that idea is pretty effective. I like how the watches echo genie smoke.

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