A Week in Music – How Musically Diverse Am I?

Click on this link see and interact with the full visualization.

For this visualization, I recorded the music I actively listened to for one full week. I limited the data I collected to active listening, which excludes any playlists I played when I was studying or the songs that may have come on the radio by chance (these reasons in part show why there is no data from Saturday). All the songs in this visualization I chose to listen to, in one way or another.

I recorded this data in Google sheets. I downloaded the workbook then to my laptop and exported the file to Tableau, where I created this visualization. Although I know how to use Tableau generally by working as a data visualization intern on a finance team, I have never had a chance to use my creative license to create a visualization. Therefore, in this visualization, I wanted to explore just that; I experimented with colors in ways that I felt would be bold — a theme I also felt would be fitting in a visualization about music.

I was actually surprised to find that I listen to so much rock. I never am cognizant of the type of music I listen to since I usually select songs off of one playlist or another depending on my mood. However, by clicking through and interacting with the visualization, the data made more sense.

I really enjoyed the process of pulling this visualization together, and I hope to publish more on my new public Tableau site.

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