On Stranger Encounters

Inspired by A Softer World, I created a triptych using a photo I had taken this weekend. This image explores the relationship between the strange and the familiar, connection and disconnection, and how these concepts are so interrelated and relevant in every interaction you have as you step out of the door.

This tells the story of two strangers.

As two strangers in a crowd, they pass each other, but for a moment, they touch. They connect in this picture, and in this snapshot of a life surrounded by strangers, there is suddenly a glimmer of hope, of a light, that highlights how important even these simple, unfamiliar connections can be–whether that be a smile in your direction or a kind word.

I chose this picture and these words for their simplicity. The glimmer of light is shown both in the words and the picture. I also chose the phrase “shed some light” because it is highly interpretable.

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