Visual Note-taking

Visual notes taken in Eng 302W at Emory University

For this sketch assignment, I created visual notes for David Fisher’s technical writing class Thursday, Nov. 2. This assignment was inspired by¬†Giulia Forsyth‘s work, where she uses visual note-taking as a process to better understand and process information.

When I was younger, I constantly took visual notes, subconsciously running my pen across the paper while really relying on my ears to pay attention to the material covered in class. I found as I reviewed my notes the next day or week that it was easier to recognize the larger ideas covered in class using the graphics or pictures I had sketched on paper. (This technique also worked much better for humanities than for STEM classes.)

I reminisced on this process when I translated my text-heavy writing to a more visual format for this assignment. This being a class integrating both statistics and English, I took a few liberties in organizing my notes into those two halves of the class. To organize the big ideas, I listed. If I found my mind wandering, I doodled. I found this to be an effective, albeit inefficient, way to review my notes since it turned into a rather time-consuming task.


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